Stained Glass Window

Eastminster Presbyterian Church Stained Glass Trinity WindowThe Trinity Window

A significant feature of the chancel is the seven foot diameter rose window in the east wall. The symbolism of the window is more universal in nature than distinctively Presbyterian. The nine petals, beginning at the one o’clock position, represent the unfolding of the revelation of God. They surround a central Trinity symbol derived from three interlocking symbols. The concept of the Trinity has always been an attempt to understand the fullness of God.

We call the window at the front of the sanctuary a Trinity Window. The window tells the story of God beginning at the 1:00 O'clock position and moving clockwise.

  • The first picture of mountains, trees, and river represents creation.
  • The second picture with the menorah, or seven branch candle stand represents the faith of Abraham.
  • The third picture with the scrolls represents the Law - Ten Commandments.
  • The fourth picture with the burning bush represents the prophets.
  • The fifth picture with the manger represents the birth of Jesus Christ, "the Word made flesh."
  • The sixth picture with the shell and droplets of water represents the Baptism of Jesus.
  • The seventh picture with the wheat and chalice represents the crucifixion of Christ and the sacrament of Holy Communion.
  • The eighth picture with the phoenix rising out of the ashes is an ancient symbol for the resurrection of Christ.
  • The ninth picture with the descending dove represents the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Please click here for a detailed description of each petal.

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