Ministry of Music

Choir Reunion Eastminster Presbyterian ChurchThe Ministry of Music is dedicated to serving and praising God through all the various forms of music, using our God given instruments - the voice - and other instruments. Music can help one in many ways to be open to God's Spirit in our lives and help us to learn more about the nature of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and our response to God. In addition to its inspiring, meditative, and healing natures, music helps to educate and inspire young and old through the singing of traditional and new hymns, through participation in a choir or instrumental group, and through listening.

Our Congregation is a singing one, and has been since we formed. We participate in worship by singing hymns, praise songs, scriptures, and prayers. Other opportunities for singing occur at group meetings, Sunday School, lunches, and dinners.

Music is ordinarily selected from the Scriptures for the day, either directly from the scripture(s) or to comment on the lessons for the day, or for special days such as World Wide Communion, or as prayer, and in consultation with the Pastor.

If you have an interest in joining any of the following groups please contact the primary director for that group. The contact information is found elsewhere in this section of the website. Several of our groups also sing/play as part of the mission outreach of our church.

We are not performers in the usual sense of that word. Our reason for singing and playing instruments is to praise and worship God. Our goal and prayer through the Ministry of Music at Eastminster is, as J.S. Bach inscribed on all his music, "To the glory of God!"

Fred Watkins, Director of Music
Melody Davis, Organist

Hearts to Heaven Eastminster Presbyterian ChurchSANCTUARY CHOIR

The Chancel Choir is a terrific group of people at Eastminster who are dedicated to
praising God and leading the Congregation in worship through the singing of Psalms, Scriptures, anthems, ensembles, and solos.

The choir does a variety of styles of music from contemporary to ancient. We try to make rehearsals productive and with some humor usually supplied by various members of the choir. The choir is open to anyone, adult or youth, who has a desire to praise, serve, and worship God through music and lead ourselves and the congregation in worship, can sing on pitch, and enjoys singing and working with others.

Our rehearsals are ordinarily on Wednesday evenings 7:30-9pm in the Multi-purpose/Choir Room.

Fred Watkins, director.

Men's Gospel Chorus

The Men's Gospel Chorus is open to all men who enjoy singing "Gospel Songs". The group usually sings once a quarter, and meets for two weeks, after the 11am service, prior to the service in which they sing. If you are interested, please let us know.

Fred Watkins, director.


The Praise Band aids in worship by accompanying congregational praise song singing, some hymns, and some anthems. If you play bass, guitar, drums or other instrument see Fred Watkins or Melody Davis about helping in this manner.

Other instruments are used with various solos, ensembles, choirs and as instrumental solos and ensembles. If you play, please let us know.


"How can I keep from ringing?" is the motto for this group. The bells play during the worship service as a choir, accompany the Chancel, other choirs, solos, and ensembles. In addition to playing for worship, they also play for other meetings and out in the community. The ability to read music is not a requirement.

Melody Davis, director.


Katie Karlen, Tim Kreger, Jennifer Gaileyand Judy Moreland are the singers that make up this ensemble. They primarily sing contemporary gospel and Christian "pop" during worship services, luncheons, dinners, meetings, and in other opportunities in the community.


The Worship and Education Committees cooperate to provide music and worship experiences for our youth and children through the following groups.


The youth of Eastminster gather after Sunday School to sing praises. They learn new music each year and serve as worship leaders through music several times a year; especially Mother's Day and other worship services.

The Hearts to Heaven youth choir lead an evening prayer service at Grace Presbyterian Village and help with the youth of the church's annual Christmas program.

Melody Davis and Katie Karlen, directors.

Wee Singers Eastminster Presbyterian ChurchWEE SINGERS AND FRIENDS

As part of our Christian Education and Worship education, 2 year olds through 5 year olds gather during Sunday School each week to learn and sing children's Bible songs and hymns. From time to time they are joined by First and Second graders to sing for Palm Sunday, Mother's Day and other services. The Wee Singers enjoy participating in the annual youth Christmas program.

Sunday Schedule

  •   8:30 AM Breakfast
  •   9:30 AM Church School
  • 10:30 AM Fellowship Time
  • 11:00 AM Service for the Lord's Day