Call to Action

We are called to action:

Eastminster Presbyterian Church’s Mission is to….

Embrace the Word

  • By accepting God’s unconditional love.
    • Let us remember that God proved His love for us through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.
    • Let us acknowledge that God is faithful to us, and in response, let us give Him first place in our lives.
  • By living in a faithful relationship with God’s living Word, Jesus Christ.
    • Let us learn to be still and listen for God’s direction for our lives.
    • Let us strive toward the discipline of daily prayer and thanksgiving.
  • By studying God’s written Word, the Bible.
    • Let us endeavor to be faithful in daily Bible reading.
    • Let us listen respectfully and share ideas in a relational group.
    • Let us seek spiritual nourishment from weekly participation in Church School and other occasions for both personal and group Bible study.
    • Let us further broaden our understanding of God’s Word through other programs such as Presbyterian Women, seasonal Bible studies and Vacation Church School.
    • Let us open ourselves to opportunities beyond our church doors offered by our Cluster, Presbytery and Synod and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Celebrate the Word

  • By worshiping God as an accepting church family.
    • Let us take joy through weekly participation in corporate worship and Christian nurture.
    • Let us celebrate the sacraments of baptism and holy communion with renewed thoughtfulness.
    • Let us be receptive to varied styles of worship in praise and music.
  • By welcoming all to fellowship.
    • Let us invite all we encounter to share in the activities of our congregation.
    • Let us extend friendly greetings to our guests and members, not forgetting our children and youth.
    • Let us offer continuing encouragement to our guests and members through greetings, calls, notes and visits.
  • By giving joyfully of our time, talents and blessings.
    • Let us be generous in sharing our diverse God-given talents and gifts in the work of the church.
    • Let us gratefully count our blessings and return our tithes and offerings to God.

Reflect the Word

  • By striving to live a life guided by the Holy Spirit.
    • Let us look for God in everyone we encounter.
    • Let us live and work together in harmony and peace.
    • Let us appreciate God’s creation and be good stewards of our environment.
    • Let us be loving, kind and respectful in all we do and say.
  • By being God’s hands and feet in mission fields, near and far.
    • Let us reach out with compassion to help relieve suffering by involvement with agencies that provide food, clothing, shelter and other necessities to those in crisis.
    • Let us support programs that promote self-respect and self-sufficiency through education, counseling, job training and life skills enrichment.
    • Let us sustain Presbyterian efforts in the fields of disaster relief, elder care and children’s services.
  • By sharing the message of God’s grace.
    • Let us not be afraid to offer our personal witness to God’s life-changing love.
    • Let us trust God to use everyone creatively, recognizing music, art, drama and dance as meaningful ways of telling the story.
    • Let us support the establishment of new churches and congregations with our prayers and our resources.
    • Let us train and equip leaders to serve the church.
    • Let us go into the world to make disciples of all nations.
    • Let us nurture all believers so together we may grow in faith.
    • Let us foster peace and reconciliation among all God’s children

Sunday Schedule

  •   8:30 AM Breakfast
  •   9:30 AM Church School
  • 10:30 AM Fellowship Time
  • 11:00 AM Service for the Lord's Day